Philips MSD Platinum 17 RA


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Introducing the Philips MSD Platinum 17RA – The Power to Light Your Creativity

Unleash the brilliance of your artistic vision with the Philips MSD Platinum 17RA, a compact and formidable lighting solution designed for small and lightweight fixtures. This cutting-edge lamp offers a perfect blend of advanced features, delivering a performance that elevates your creative endeavours to new heights.

Key Features:

  1. Short Arc Brilliance: The MSD Platinum 17RA boasts a short arc design, ensuring a focused and intense beam of light. This feature is ideal for accentuating details and creating captivating visual effects.
  2. High Colour Temperature: With a colour temperature of 7000 Kelvin, this lamp produces a crisp and vibrant light that brings out the true colours in your displays, stage productions, or any creative project.
  3. Innovative Reflector Technology: The innovative reflector technology enhances the beam intensity, creating a sparkling effect that adds a touch of magic to your presentations. Enjoy outstanding colour reproduction and a captivating visual experience.
  4. Extended Lifespan: The 350-watt Platinum 17RA lamp is built for longevity, offering an impressive average lifespan of 1500 hours. This durability ensures a reliable and consistent performance over an extended period.
  5. Versatile Burning Positions: The lamp is designed to function in any burning position, providing flexibility in fixture setup and enabling you to achieve your desired lighting effects.
  6. Dimmable Capability: Tailor the lighting atmosphere to suit your specific needs with the dimmable feature. Adjust the intensity of the light to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Product Specification:

  • Code: 928197305314 / 8718291767794
  • Wattage: 350W
  • Flux: 15,250LM
  • Colour Temperature: 7,000K
  • Average Life: 1,500 hours
  • Burning Position: Any
  • Dimmable: Yes

Fixture Compatibility:

The Philips MSD Platinum 17RA is compatible with a range of fixtures from renowned brands such as Elation, Terbly, and more.

Fixture compatibility includes:

  • Elation Platinum BX, Platinum SBX, spot, wash
  • Philips Showline SL Hydrus 350
  • PRG XR 350 BWS
  • Terbly Mega Beam G10B, G10 Hybrid
  • Triton Blue HYBRID G10 Beam-Spot-Wash

Illuminate your creativity with the Philips MSD Platinum 17RA – where power meets precision for an unparalleled lighting experience. Elevate your artistic vision and captivate your audience with every performance.

Philips MSD Platinum 17 RA | MSD Platinum 17RA 350 w 7000 k 1500 h 928197305314 8718291767794 17RA

Extra Information

350 W
Colour Temp:
7,000 K
Average Life:
1,500 Hours

Warranty Information

We will replace or credit goods that are received damaged on delivery only if evidence is supplied and we are notified by telephone or writing within 14 days of delivery. We do not accept returned broken lamps. All returns must be previously arranged by requesting a Returns Authorisation Number and this return number is valid for 14 days after issue. Defective goods will only be accepted for return within 60 days of original dispatch, unless covered by a separate written warranty. Any goods for credit or replacement are subject to evaluation by the manufacturer prior to any credit or replacement. Returns of non faulty goods will only be accepted for return for credit within 60 days of original dispatch, must have original packaging and if a return is agreed, will attract a handling charge.