Osram DWE PAR36 MFL 120V 12/CS


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£21.54 inc. VAT
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The Osram DWE PAR36 MFL 120V 12/CS Lamp is a high-performance lighting solution designed for professional applications in stage, studio, and entertainment settings. This lamp delivers exceptional brightness and colour consistency, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

Product Features and Benefits:

  1. Robust Construction: Engineered with durable materials, this lamp is built to withstand the rigours of professional use, providing reliable operation and extended service life.
  2. Consistent Colour Rendering: The Osram DWE PAR36 MFL lamp maintains consistent and accurate colour rendering throughout its lifespan, ensuring faithful reproduction of colours in your lighting setup.
  3. Instant-On and Stable Luminous Flux: This lamp offers instant-on capability and maintains nearly constant luminous flux over its lifetime, ensuring consistent brightness and eliminating warm-up delays.
  4. Broad Product Portfolio: Osram's comprehensive range of stage and studio lamps caters to various professional lighting requirements, offering versatility and compatibility with existing setups.

Dimmable with Traditional Amber Shift: The lamp is compatible with traditional dimming systems, allowing for smooth and precise light level adjustments while maintaining the characteristic amber shift associated with incandescent lamps.

Areas of Application:

  • Stage and Theatre: Ideal for theatrical productions, concerts, and live performances, providing brilliant and consistent illumination for dynamic lighting effects.
  • Studio, TV, and Film: Designed for use in professional studio environments, this lamp delivers accurate colour rendering and stable light output for consistent lighting conditions.
  • Professional Photography: Suitable for photographic studios, ensuring faithful colour reproduction and optimal lighting conditions for capturing stunning images.
  • Club & Disco: Enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of nightclubs and discotheques with the vibrant and long-lasting illumination provided by this lamp.

With its robust construction, consistent colour rendering, and reliable performance, the Osram DWE PAR36 MFL 120V 12/CS Lamp is an excellent choice for professionals in the entertainment, studio, and photography industries, delivering exceptional lighting solutions for their demanding applications.

Extra Information

650 W
Colour Temp:
3,200 K
120 V
Average Life:
100 Hours

Warranty Information

We will replace or credit goods that are received damaged on delivery only if evidence is supplied and we are notified by telephone or writing within 14 days of delivery. We do not accept returned broken lamps. All returns must be previously arranged by requesting a Returns Authorisation Number and this return number is valid for 14 days after issue. Defective goods will only be accepted for return within 60 days of original dispatch, unless covered by a separate written warranty. Any goods for credit or replacement are subject to evaluation by the manufacturer prior to any credit or replacement. Returns of non faulty goods will only be accepted for return for credit within 60 days of original dispatch, must have original packaging and if a return is agreed, will attract a handling charge.