Osram T26 / T27 GCL GCS 64718


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Introducing the Osram T/27 GCT 64718, a powerhouse lighting solution designed to meet the demands of professional film, TV, theatre, and concert stage environments. With its versatile operation capabilities across mains voltages of 120 V, 230 V, and 240 V, this lamp provides a flexible and reliable lighting source for a variety of settings.

Featuring a dual-colour temperature option, the Osram T/27 GCT 64718 caters to different lighting needs. At 3,000 K, it offers an extended lifespan, making it an excellent choice for applications where durability is paramount. Alternatively, at 3,200 K, this lamp delivers a precisely calibrated colour temperature, perfect for achieving optimal results in professional film and TV production.

Areas of Application:

  1. Professional Film and TV Work: The Osram T/27 GCT 64718 is crafted to meet the stringent demands of the film and television industry. Its dual-colour temperature options ensure that it performs exceptionally well, providing consistent and high-quality lighting for your production needs.
  2. Theatre and Concert Stages: Illuminate your performances with confidence using the Osram T/27 GCT 64718. Its robust design and versatile voltage compatibility make it an ideal choice for stage lighting in theatres and concert venues, ensuring your productions shine brightly.
  3. Entertainment: Whether you're hosting events, parties, or other entertainment functions, this Osram lamp is your go-to solution. Its adaptability to different voltage settings and precise colour temperature options make it a reliable choice for creating vibrant and captivating atmospheres.

Trust in the Osram T/27 GCT 64718 to bring your creative vision to life with its powerful performance, durability, and adaptability. Illuminate your world with the brilliance of professional lighting technology.

T27 GCT Osram | T27 GCT 650w 240v GY9.5 64718 4050300283463 4008321624277 4008321624284

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240 V
650 W

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